And… Sumara is born

Donate to charity for free on Sumara while shopping online

As young engineers, we create great products. As young entrepreneurs, we transform these products into full fledged business.

Sumara had been living as an idea since last two years in our minds. Until April 2018. That’s when we decided to finally work on it.

To be honest, when we started, we weren’t really sure of how we want to take Sumara forward. But as we moved ahead, one of our teammates helped us refine the concept and we loved it so much that there was no turning back.

To put in simple words, Sumara is a browser extension that lets people donate automatically as they do shopping on their favourite e-commerce portals like Amazon. No extra effort or money needed. A part of the money spent on buying is contributed towards the education of young children.

It’s amazing to think how powerful this simple idea can be. We are trying to leverage online shopping to do seamless donations. People shop online anyway. With Sumara, they can now add meaning to their shopping. The more they shop, the more they contribute.

You get to do a “Feel-Good” shopping. You lose nothing, you anyway shop on Amazon (adding more e-commerce portals soon). With Sumara, you do shopping the same way as you normally do along with helping a child buy a lunch-box or a school bag at no extra cost.

Total Win-Win.

We also display where exactly your donation is going so that there is complete transparency. To make sure our donations reach out to the right children, we are partnering with small organizations who work towards the education of underprivileged kids.

We are actively working towards creating a powerful impact via our product but we can’t do it alone. Please encourage us in our endeavours. Install the extension and play around. Give us your feedback and suggestions so that we can make it better every day. Let’s make a positive difference by encouraging education for all.

We are going to be sharing our complete journey here. This is our first post as we release our Beta version on Chrome Store.

Humble beginnings go a long way!