To begin donating, you need to install the Google Chrome extension. Once you install it, you will automatically start donating whenever you make an online purchase on our e-commerce partner stores. You continue to shop the way you normally do.

Absolutely not! It’s completely free of cost to install the extension and start using it. While donating to charity too, you don’t put in any extra money on top of your purchase amount. Just shop the usual way at no extra cost or effort.

We will send you regular updates of all your donations: how much money is going and to which NGO. We also let you know how that money was utilized by the NGO.

No. We don’t. We are not in the business of selling and using data for commercial purposes. We do get information about what kind of products are purchased and how many items our users bought each month, but we do not track individual users’ purchases. You can find out more in our Privacy Policy (we’ve tried to keep it simple and easy to understand).

For the extension to work properly it needs to have access to the information about what website you have opened to know if you’re on one of our partners’ sites (hence the “read data on websites” part) and be able to show the donation amount(i.e. a popup that displays a donation amount if purchase happens for that product. Hence the “change data on websites” part).

Once you make a successful purchase, your order goes to the vendor for confirmation. After the order is confirmed and the vendor verifies the commission, we get our share. We then pass on this to NGOs as charity on your behalf. It will take approximately 2 months for the donation to reach out to the charity.

The donation amount is calculated based on the categories, type of products and the e-commerce partners. This amount is calculated by our platform dynamically when you browse through the products.

If you return your online order, there will be no donation amount eligible against this. This will be notified to us via the e-commerce stores.

Yes. If you are looking to fund a particular charity, you can choose your preferred charity via the Sumara extension -> Select NGO. You can select multiple NGOs too if you wish.

All our Donation Partners (NGOs) are Guidestar certified, which means these NGOs are real(from the legal perspective) and actively working in their domain.

There are few cases in which case the donation might not be applicable for a product:

  • The commission on a product is decided by the vendor. For some products, vendor does not give any commission. In that case, we can’t give any donation.
  • If the product is returned, there is no donation.
  • You might be using other services in which case we won’t get any commission hence we can’t offer any donation.

Out of the commissions Sumara makes from the e-commerce partners, 70% of the total revenue is directly donated to our Donation Partners (NGOs). The remaining 30% is kept with Sumara for the operations and technology cost.

The money comes from the e-commerce partners as their affiliate fee / commissions.


To be listed as a Donation Partner on Sumara, please drop an email at support@sumara.org. We will soon be opening a registration link where you can fill up a form and we will get in touch with you.

The money raised via Sumara depends on the users and their shopping behaviour. Also, it depends on how many users support you as their preferred NGO.

Yes, we send a report at the end of the month to all our Donation Partners mentioning their week-wise earnings from the various ecommerce stores. We are soon launching a dashboard where you can directly login to see your earnings.

Sumara will pay your outstanding balance via UPI. Please note your earnings of current month will be credited at the end of next month.

Yes. We want you to raise as much funds as you can via Sumara. You get customized links to promote your campaign/cause/NGO to your followers, donors, employees and followers on social media. People who install the Sumara extension via your link automatically start donating to you whenever they shop online.
Apart from this, we are also launching more ways to help you raise funds

The difference is because of the number of returns that happen. Sumara platform does not come to know about a return unless notified by the e-commerce stores. This may take upto a month. So the reports you receive does not include the return orders that might be done later by the users. For all such orders where e-commerce stores do not register a sale via Sumara, they do not pay us any commission which means there won’t be any donation for that particular order.

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