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Philanthropic Intermediaries and Voluntarism Promotion

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Faced by a lack of resources and expertise, high-potential education NGOs are often unable to maximize their impact. It is aware that NGO leaders in Mumbai have the vision and passion, but there's only so much they can do on their own. More than anything else, education NGOs need management expertise so that they can reach out to more children. NGOs selected for the Accelerator Programme receive three years of consultancy support in 10 Organisational Development (OD) areas like Administration, Finance, Fundraising, Monitoring & Evaluation, Human Resources, Governance, Leadership, Strategy, Development, Programmes and Marketing. Through the Accelerator Programme, NGOs are able to attract a better talent pool, increase their fundraising capacity and reach out to more children. Atma Network, which is an online resource platform for entrepreneurs starting and scaling social education companies or NGOs, has 157 organisations registered. Atma launched Gati, a consortium on education for persons with disabilities, to develop and disseminate best practice and address mutual challenges in the education for persons with disabilities.


Atma's Accelerator programmes has reached 56 education NGOs and 16,75,000 children. Atma has faciliated a four time increase in beneficiaries, as well as an increase in its budget and outreach aimed at quality education for children.