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Aajeevika Bureau Trust

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Gujarat Maharashtra Rajasthan

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Law, Civic and advocacy issues

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Aajeevika Bureau (AB), a non-profit initiative, works for the dignity and well-being of families dependent on seasonal migration. Rural-urban migration is a socio-economic reality in India. However lack of institutional and policy support has made it a developmental challenge, leading to human rights violations and disenfranchisement of working populations. Formed to make migration a positive opportunity, AB undertakes service delivery, capacity building, legal advocacy, research and technical support to secure livelihoods, social protection and dignity for migrant workers, and recognise their contributions to the economy. AB aims to transform the policy and knowledge paradigm on migration by mainstreaming voices of migrant communities.


In the last 12 years, Aajeevika has successfully delivered migration support services to more than one lac migrant workers directly and over four lac migrants through a network of partner organisations spread across 10 states of India. Aajeevika was invited to author guidelines on establishing migration support centres for the Ministry of Rural Development, a comprehensive document that is now used under the Ministry’s flagship skill training programmes for rural youth. Through a multi-stakeholder coalition that was seeded by Aajeevika Bureau, its policy advocacy efforts resulted in dedicated fiscal allocation and inclusion of migration support services in the Plan document of Kerala, a state that has emerged as the largest migrant destination in the country. Through pro bono legal aid and mediation services, Aajeevika's Legal Aid, Education and Advocacy (LEAD) cell has facilitated the recovery of over Rs 11 crore in unpaid dues/compensation for labourers.