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Delhi Orissa

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Education and Research

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Aarohan, which means elevation, is an NGO working in the field of education for underpriviledged children, women and other community members living in difficult circumstances, children of daily wage migrant labourers, suffering from terminal diseases in rural/ tribal areas and the transgender community. Aarohan is focused on education, nutrition, health vocational training for women and youth, with the objective to attain 100% literacy.


Aarohan has reached out to 7000+ children till date through various programmes and projects ensuring academic excellence, most of the children attaining 1st, 2nd or 3rd positions in their classes. 4 students of Aarohan qualified for admission into engineering colleges including All India Joint Entrance Examination for Indian Institute of Technology. One of its students was placed in IBM, Bangalore. Hepatitis B, Typhoid and Chicken Pox vaccinations given to 600 children. Cervical cancer vaccinations given to 90 girls above 13 yrs.