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Gujarat Maharashtra

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Education and Research

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Leap For Word is committed to eliminating the single biggest bottleneck, poor English capabilities - that prohibits students of regional language communities from accessing professional education and better employment opportunities. Its flagship solution 'The English Literacy Programme' designed for teachers who have a job of teaching English but cannot do so effectively because they cannot speak English. Built on top of a Translation Algorithm, the solution enables such teachers to teach English in their mother-tongue and develop specific capabilities in their students namely reading, comprehension and sentence structuring.


Despite adoption being voluntary, almost 55% of all trained teachers start teaching English in their classrooms using its techniques. Since inception, it has reached out to more than 40,000 students through 3,500 teachers. Its solution is now available in Marathi, Gujarati and Hindi as well as in the form of a digital application. All its content is in the form of books and charts, is available online and free to download for any teacher. Nonetheless, it also sells them at a cost cheaper than photocopying. Its books were available only to teachers who underwent training. However, a chance participation in an education fair organized by the state government of Maharashtra, saw almost 10,000 teachers visit its stall in a span of 11 days and 20% of them placed an order for a teaching / learning kit with only 5 minutes of browsing through the material. Encouraged by this response, its products will now be available for online retail.