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Magic Bus, is an organisation working with children and volunteer mentors from marginalized communities in India. Its vision is a world where children and youth have the choice and control to be socially and economically empowered. At Magic Bus, objective is to break the poverty cycle, one child/youth at a time. Magic Bus equips some of India’s poorest children and youth with the skills and knowledge to grow-up and be successful, to move out of poverty, and to take control of their future. The Magic Bus Livelihood Programme connects the aspirations and potential of its youth participants to available market opportunities. All Magic Bus children and youth are offered the opportunity to enrol in livelihood programmes, creating at scale, a movement of competent, confident young people ready to make a significant difference to their lives.


Magic Bus works with 300,000 children and 8,000 volunteer mentors every week from marginalized communities in India. It has reached 22 states and 68 districts of India. Magic Bus mentions that it won the Sports Illustrated Special Award for Services to Sports Award in 2017 as well as the Millennium Alliance Award.