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The Naz Foundation (India) Trust

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Delhi Karnataka Maharashtra Tamil Nadu

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The Naz Foundation (India) Trust is a Delhi-based NGO working for HIV and AIDs. Naz India works towards preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS by engaging in advocacy, training, care and support. Naz India is driven by the values integrity, inclusion, excellence and commitment.


Naz runs a residential care home with 31 children between the ages of 5 to 19 years. Since 2011, over 450 families have received ration support and 600 hospital visits were undertaken. It handles about 75 families with children that require its home-based care services. In its 5 years, the Peer Education Programme reached around 23,764 adolescents and young people. 15,708 girls were reached through the programme, 62,000 family members reached indirectly, 467 ‘Goal girls’ were engaged as peer leaders.